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A multispeed world

The notion of a “two-speed world” is coming closer to fruition, judging from data released in the United States and Continental Europe. In the US, employment levels have surpassed the peak of the prior expansion.
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The Rise of the Global Philanthropist?

As wealthy donors become more globally mobile, does this spell the end for the “charity starts at home” mentality and the beginning of “causes before borders”? And what does this mean for charities and donors alike?
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Each to their own?

The global economy seems to be fragmenting. While the US continues to look anything but stagnant, incoming data suggest that growth in the rest of the world economy, Europe in particular, is much more pedestrian relative to expectations.
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A trip to Cambridge

It was a pleasure to return to Cambridge earlier this month for the latest entrepreneur events in our annual calendar. Fresh from the London Demo Day of the impressive businesses taking part in the Barclays Accelerator programme [...]
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Winding down the quarter and ramping up the agita

Investors experienced a remarkable array of events last quarter, and many of them will continue to shape and impact the path ahead.
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Notes from the road

Leading indicators for the UK economy continue to paint a constructive outlook. The picture developing within the euro zone is, by contrast, disappointing.
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