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Winding down the quarter and ramping up the agita

Investors experienced a remarkable array of events last quarter, and many of them will continue to shape and impact the path ahead.
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Notes from the road

Leading indicators for the UK economy continue to paint a constructive outlook. The picture developing within the euro zone is, by contrast, disappointing.
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A renewed union

This week has been filled with activity on both sides of the Atlantic. In particular, the 307-year union between England and Scotland has survived the Scottish referendum.
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The reckoning

The dollar is once again gaining favour among investors. Since the end of June, the trade weighted dollar index has followed a parabolic arc higher, with several catalysts responsible for the Greenback’s dramatic move.
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We need to talk: Why it’s time to put employee financial well-being on the agenda

Ensuring that employees are financially secure and are equipped to manage their finances is key to enhancing productivity and happiness, so why is it a taboo in the workplace?
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Shifting geostrategic plates

Geopolitical events have taken a harsh turn this summer: a return to the Dark Ages in parts of Syria and northern Iraq by the forces of ISIS; Putin & Co.’s new Cold War; and the hemorrhagic fever outbreak gripping west Africa with deadly alacrity.
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