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Central Banks, Europe, and Oil

The actions of central banks are once again at the forefront of investor thinking – whether it was the Swiss National Bank's abandonment of its franc/euro peg, the Bank of Canada's surprise interest rate [...]
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Happy Annus Horribilis?

To describe the start of the year as inauspicious is a bit of sublime understatement. The mood of investors globally was dour, and their actions could be best characterised as risk-averse.
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Looking at 2015

The promulgation of market and economic outlooks is a seasonal exercise. More often than not, these are a compendium of forecasts that attempts to place into focus the inherently fuzzy picture of what the future holds.
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The Age of the Entrepreneur

It has never been a better time to start your own business. Developments in technology mean that becoming an entrepreneur is easier than ever, and everyone from fresh-faced graduates [...]
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Many Happy Returns

This is the season when investors begin to take stock of the year quickly coming to an end. It is also the time of year for market and economic outlooks for the approaching annum.
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Do you react to new financial information like a meerkat or an ostrich?

In this new age of social media, information overload prevails and financial market news has followed this trend. The wealth of market commentaries and economic bulletins can feel like a constant flood of information.
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