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Emerging markets: slower but surer?

Kipling wasn’t alone in seemingly losing his sense of direction in the face of the exotic excitements of emerging markets. Economists who are sceptical about the developed world have accepted [...]
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UK Entrepreneurship goes well beyond the London tech start-up

The image of successful entrepreneurs has changed - gone the suit wearing business man generating his wealth from offices, factories or shops.  Now any student in your local coffee shop could be creating the next Facebook or WhatsApp.
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The trouble with time horizons

Good investment advice often extols the importance of having a long-term time horizon. But, as sensible as the idea sounds, it is complicated by the fact that ‘long term’ means different things to different people [...]
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Postmodern portfolio theory

The decade or so to 2007/8 saw a richness of embarrassments for deregulated markets. One of its legacies is a tendency now to see a bubble and its bursting around every corner.
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In 2003, Mervyn King – then Bank of England governor – noted the UK was in non-inflationary constantly expansionary mode. He did warn, however, that things could not stay NICE forever.
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Why get advice about philanthropy?

Many of us have a natural inclination to support charitable causes, often on impulse or via ad hoc donations. But for those planning on making either regular and/or significant contributions, it is likely that thinking through [...]
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