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Equities Outlook: Anatomy of a pullback

This is not the forum to tackle the question of whether the founding father of psychoanalysis would have classified equity markets as predominantly male or female [...]
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Making a Start on the philanthropy journey

In my last blog I wrote about our recently published Philanthropy: Your Guide to Giving which has already proved to be a success with those clients that have read it.
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China update

Some of the more apocalyptic fears regarding the Chinese economy have begun to fade in the last couple of months, prompting a sharp bounce in the country’s equity markets.
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Economic hegemony

For a long time, those looking to understand the future trajectory of the world’s economy and capital markets have been well-served by looking at data coming out of its largest economy, the US. However, with the Chinese economy now larger on some measures of output, is it time to start looking elsewhere for our economic tea leaves?
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Planting a flag

Contemplation is a central feature of the summer season. Long, warm days and time away from the office are essential ingredients for introspection. For investors, summer represents the half-year mark wherein the inevitable taking stock of efforts during the period takes place.
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Robot revolution

Robots are taking over the world. Advances in artificial intelligence are now enabling software to learn how to make decisions by detecting patterns in those humans have made, putting much larger swathes of the human workforce at risk. Is it time to follow the example of the Luddites and form a mob?
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