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Greek referendum – will it be a Grexit?

Over the weekend the Greek government announced its decision to hold a referendum on 5th July asking the Greek electorate to decide whether they support the latest proposals from Greece’s creditors or not.
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Party On?

Risks certainly remain with regards to the Greek situation – the two sides have not yet found agreement and the looming rolled IMF payment and an increasingly precarious domestic Greek banking sector suggest that this is no time for complacency.
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What is ‘successful’ giving?

It’s fair to say that simply ‘writing a cheque’ and letting your chosen charitable organisation distribute your donation has become a somewhat outdated model.
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Don’t think twice, it’s all right

Both Greece and her creditors may well see themselves as the victim in Bob Dylan’s famously world weary ode to the breakup.
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Emerging markets update

Our current recommended tactical posture (the three to six month tilts we suggest to your long-term asset allocation mix) speaks of our concern that capital markets still have a way to go before [...]
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Crunch time…

Data out this week have convincingly squashed worries over whether the weakness seen at the beginning of the year in the US economy had morphed into something more sinister [...]
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