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Six things we get wrong with investment decisions

Behavioural Finance can offer both fascinating and yet at the same time confusing insights into the human psychology.
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Keep calm and carry on

The recent spate of disappointing US data has left some investors wondering whether the nation’s economy has turned cold.
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All Hail King Dollar!

One of the ideas we advanced in the Investor Notebook, which appeared in the Outlook edition of Compass, was that diverging central bank policies would have an impact on currencies.
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A portrait of Europe

A core element of our 2015 Outlook issue centered on the notion of diverging growth rates amongst the world’s economies.
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Rate This

The communiqué that Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen delivered this week brought with it the removal of the word “patient”.
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Wait, what just happened?

Looking at the path of fixed income returns for the year through early March, we can see something is happening that should not be possible.
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